Over the past year Sorin Garber has assisted the Portland Bureau of Transportation with its
E-Commerce  and Emerging Logistics Strategies Research Report. T
he analysis (attached) is a prelude to the City’s update of its Freight Master Plan, including research into evolving logistics practices, land development and last-mile delivery activities associated with the explosive growth in e-commerce. Mr. Garber completed and synthesized a comprehensive bibliography, validated research findings through interviews he conducted with local shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, and economists, and is developing a suite of recommendations. The recommendations will help the City of Portland accommodate the remarkably dramatic growth by directing PBOT modeling staff to update the origin-destination and truck volume forecasts prepared for the 2006 FMP.


SGA recently recertified as an Emerging Small Business with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ESB 10953)


NEW CONTRACTS  |  2019-2020

SGA is now under contract as Prime Consultant with the following agencies:

  • Washington State Department of Transportation

    • Transportation Studies Services

    • Rail, Freight, and Ports - Engineering, Operations, and Planning Services

  • Portland Bureau of Transportation

    • Transportation Planning Services

  • Metro

    • Project Management

  • TriMet

    • Project Management

CONGRATULATIONS!  |  recognizing partner success 

SGA congratulates City of Fort Lauderdale and its Transportation and Mobility Division for completion of the NE 13th Street Complete Streets Project. The project converted a 1/2 mile segment of the four-lane arterial street that was being used as a regional bypass for high-speed auto traffic to a neighborhood-friendly, commercial/residential Complete Street with the following features: reduced to two-lane road; replaced travel lanes with bicycle lanes and on-street parking; introduced a roundabout to replace a signalized intersection; provided landscaped medians and mid-block crossings; incorporated native landscaping, and stormwater management design including bioswales, pave drains, and water catchment systems.

Mr. Garber assisted the City from cradle-to-grave — completing traffic analyses, feasibility studies, concept development, coordination/accommodation of public art, public outreach through management of PS&E, permits and construction bid documents, and through post-design services and construction — over nine months. 

NE 13th Street before 

NE 13th Street after

SGA congratulates Washington State Department of Transportation Olympic Region office for completing the Mounts Rd. to Center Dr. Auxiliary Lane Extension project, which is the first of four construction stages of its $495m I-5/Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) project. Funded through the Connecting Washington revenue package, the total program, which is expected to be completed by the year 2025, encompasses reconstruction of four interchanges, widening the mainline by one lane in each direction, overcrossing of passenger rail mainline, linking bike and pedestrian paths and local roadway connections.

Sorin Garber supported the Olympic Region office through the project’s alternatives analysis phase. He facilitated sessions with stakeholders which led to the identification of 163 alternatives and a least cost planning screening methodology to advance the most promising alternatives into the environmental process.

“Unity Beacon” art installation in roundabout near west end of project where Dixie Highway meets NE 13th Street

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