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Sorin Garber & Associates is an independent transportation planning consulting practice specializing in assessment and transportation project development.  


SGA directs:

  • feasibility studies, multimodal corridor plans 

  • transit service plans, and freight system and logistics analyses 

  • manages teams in advancing plans/design of roadway, rail corridor, port, transitway, Complete Streets, bicycle lanes, and streetscape projects


SGA performs detailed alternatives analysis to compare the costs and benefits of different infrastructure, services, modes, and the capacity of organizations to implement options and recommendations.

Principal Sorin Garber delivers creativity, big picture thinking, and credible analyses to resolve issues once seen as significant impediments. He tailors his work to suit the audience, develops compelling, multi-faceted stakeholder and public processes, and brings enthusiasm, energy, and dedication to projects.

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SGA works to eliminate unnecessary complexity in plans by staying focused on how best to get from point A to point B.


We perform feasibility tests as projects evolve, successively advancing to the next and ultimate steps, and conveying project information to broad and diverse audiences along the way.


With sharp technical skills and current practice acumen, Sorin Garber's judgement, leadership, innovativeness, and an understanding of what’s important, sets SGA apart.  


SGA brings enthusiasm, energy, dedication and creativity to ensure your project advances, overcomes obstacles, and is celebrated by stakeholders. 

SGA EXPERIENCE |  Advanced planning

SGA clients include cities, states, transit service districts and ports throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as regions as diverse as Anchorage, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, NY/NJ, No. California, Salt Lake City, and South Florida.

Prior to founding SGA, Sorin held Vice President and Principal positions at TY Lin International, HDR, Inc. and Cambridge Systematics, Inc., and was special consultant to Parsons Brinckerhoff. His career began at the New York City Department of Transportation, Bureau of Planning.

Sorin assesses problems in their full context — physical needs, policy and community aspirations, operations and costs — to assist leaders and stakeholders in determining whether to advance or reject an idea.


SGA advances policies into plans, strategies, and if desired, project implementation.

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