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SGA brings three decades of experience analyzing urban passenger transportation systems throughout the United States. 

SGA services include:

  • system, network and corridor multimodal plans and analyses;

  • transit operations and investment plans;

  • pedestrian circulation and urban design studies;

  • transit amenities/station design;

  • transportation demand management (TDM) programs;

  • environmental assessments;

  • and economic and financial analyses.


SGA's plans are collaborations between multiple agencies, community groups, users, businesses, advocacy organizations, and provide a direct link to agency investment programs.

  • Member, TRB Transportation/Eco Dev Committee

  • TRB Inland Waterways Committee

  • Member, Women’s Transportation Seminar

  • Founder, WalkBoston

  • NE 13th Street Complete Streets Project, SE Regional Climate Leadership Summit, Key West, FL 12/2015

  • Course Corrections in State Growth Management – It’s Already Underway in Oregon, Great Northwest Planners Conference, Tacoma, WA, 10/2007

  • State of the Art in Statewide Transportation Forecasting, ITE Meeting, Seattle, WA, 4/ 2002

  • Economic and Transportation Impacts Associated with Breaching Snake River Dams, TRB Ports, Waterways Freight and Int’l Trade Conference, Norfolk, Va, 7/2000

  • Portland Transit Preferential Streets Program, ITE District 6 Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, 7/1997

PROJECTSmultimodal & Corridor 
  • I-5/JBLM Alternatives Analysis and IJR, Washington State DOT

  • Legacy Highway EIS – High Transit Investment Alternative, Utah DOT

  • St Johns Truck Strategy: Neighborhood Traffic Calming, Portland Bur of Transportation

  • Chestnut Street Multimodal Study, Philadelphia Planning Department

  • Cross-Cascades Corridor Study, Washington State DOT

  • Oregon Transportation Plan, Oregon DOT

  • Central City Transportation Management Plan Update, Portland Planning Bureau

  • Pedestrian Access to Transit Facilities Project, Portland Bureau of Transportation

  • Private-for-Hire Transportation Demand Forecast, Portland Revenue Bureau

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