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"From my perspective, Sorin is on the short list of national experts … He can envision and deliver a great product.  

Susie Lahsene, Manager, Land Use and Transportation Policy — Port of Portland


"We have come to rely on Sorin as our planning and policy expert and strategist, and as a well-rounded professional who is able to communicate our goals and objectives to local officials, stakeholders of other modes, and staff of the agencies we interact with. I highly value Sorin’s advice and recommend him with great confidence.

Corky Collier, Executive Director, Columbia Corridor Association


"Sorin brings a high level of knowledge and experience to transportation system studies…He is a consultant that I trust to not only successfully fulfill assignments and communicate effectively with his client, but to also apply great energy and integrity to his work.   

John Gillam, Supervisor Policy & Systems Planning — Portland Bureau of Transportation


"Sorin is considered a highly credible professional to our Plan’s stakeholders and staff alike. I have always been able to count on Sorin to not only evaluate stakeholder’s issues but to directly address my needs; some of which were outside the scope of his work.

Deena Platman — Manager, Metro Transportation Systems Management and Operations Program



"Sorin was able to restore ODOT’s credibility with local stakeholders and helped us advance the state of the art in completing truck forecasts and calculating the direct benefits to carriers and shippers of removing impediments to truck travel. 

Jack Lee, ODOT Freight Mobility Section Manager



"I did want to thank you (Sorin Garber) for your leadership and management skill in pulling off a nearly impossible mission. The timeframe we gave you was nearly unworkably short and the budget tight. But you managed to put together a remarkable product that will set the stage for future true statewide planning at WSDOT. 

Todd Carlson, Planning and Engineering Services Manager — WSDOT


"The major work product produced by Sorin’s team, a cutting-edge travel demand forecast model, greatly exceeded our initial expectations. Thanks to this team and their efforts, we have seen possibilities for enhancing WSDOT’s state of the practice. Well done.

Nancy Boyd, PE; WSDOT Project Manager for Cross-Cascades Corridor Study

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